Monday, June 9, 2008

Nastics Time!

I'm Back! My lack of blogging has been due to me losing my camera battery charger and not taking pictures! This morning we went to Romans "nastics" class at Davitas. We go a few times a month with our Mops group. It is always so much fun. Roman is all over the trampoline and bars as you can see. He likes to say "look moma , I updown." Maybe he will take after his Uncle Ross who was a competitive gymnast in his teens!?
I took a few pics of me with Jude so you can see how big he is getting. Its so great now he is fitting into some of his clothes. I love this "life is good" shirt that my friend Laura got for him! He is such a good and happy baby. We can't get enough of his smiles right now!

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The Delaney Family said...

Looks like Romie is having a great time. My brother did gymnastics when he was younger, too.

They surely are adorable! Can't wait to get together later this week!

The Gotbeters said...

You guys all look great! I have been missing your blogging!

The Tylers said...

I love the pictures! Thomas loves Davitas too and talks about it the rest of the day when we go. Roman and Jude seemed to be having a blast today and as always, it was great to see you. PS...Jamie always reminds me that boys NEED to be in gymnastics because it helps with athletics in the future (balance, coordination bla bla bla)...this is soooo important because we all know the world revolves around FOOTBALL!!!

The LaBouffs said...

I can't believe how big Jude is getting! Roman looks like he's having a blast! Who wouldn't?!...Jumping around on a trampoline and hanging 'updown' like monkeys is one of my favorite pasttimes :)