Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Fun: Take One

In the mornings we try not to plan anything before 10 o clock so we can do our morning routine. Part of this routine consists of table time. Well, at table time this morning Roman got into quite a mess with his paints. The joy of summer was that we washed off and hit the waterpark with my friend Roof (Ruth) . Roman loves the mount pleasant water park because of the baby sized lazy river..he stayed in it for pretty much the whole time. We stayed until three..skipping nap which meant a sleepy Roman went to bed at 6:30. Yeah! Ruth treated Roman to two icecreams and as you can see he enjoyed double fisting it..

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The Gotbeters said...


Dena said...

I need to start planning fun stuff for Annie - it's so hot all she wants to do is watch DORA!

The LaBouffs said...

Fun! Cute pics :)

I can't remember if I already left a comment on this...I know I read it and meant to...so if I did, then you luck out and get TWO comments from me;)

LeslieW. said...

That looks like fun! I wish I had some of his ice cream right about now!