Monday, July 21, 2008

Dallas Trip

Andrew and I attended his annual business convention in Dallas this past weekend. We left the boys home and had a blast. When we checked in to our hotel on Friday morning we basically stayed in bed all day. I have been looking forward to those beds ALL year- they are so comfortable! The first night I slept 11 hours getting up at 9 so not to miss breakfast- thats the other thing I look forward to all year- the great food- yum! Andrew was able to get really encouraged and refreshed to come back to Charleston and work. I was so proud of him for winning an award for increasing his sales 30% and in true Bumperman style Jeff and Tanya awarded him prize money- yeah!The Bumperman franchise is awesome because it is such a family atmosphere built on the cornerstone of Jesus Christ. We made some new friends this year and saw some old ones from last year. It really feels like a family reunion- so much fun! On the way home we joined a line of people sending off a large amount of service men and women as they headed back to Iraq and Kuwait. We waited as they passed through, shook their hands and said thank you. Andrew and I were both hit pretty hard with is so crazy watching them board a plane to go back out there to fight for all of our freedoms. God Bless them. By Sunday night I was so ready to see the boys- I missed them alot but was so glad for the fun and somewhat relaxing weekend!

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The Gotbeters said...

So glad you made it home safely!

The LaBouffs said...

Dude, you were in Dallas and didn't tell me? We were only a few hours from each other. Too bad you couldn't have stayed a few extra days so we could hang out and play! Glad you had a great time! So Bumperman pays in Monopoly money?! ha ha ha It's just I haven't seen a $100 bill in quite some time ;)

The Birds Nest said...

Have I told you that I know a bumperman in Charlotte? Glad you had a nice weekend.