Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Stop: Amtrak.

I figured I would post this weekend is segments since its a 3 day! yesterday we celebrated Emmas third birthday! Roman wanted to sit in Emmas high chair to eat his food!Jen did a great job of making all of Emmas was a great party! We left the party to pick up Auntie Sharon (yesterday was her due date- and she is still preggers!)..and then on to the train station to get Uncle Matt. Auntie Sharon had Saki with her so we had to make a make shift leash out of my maya wrap (sling)...Roman loved seeing the train come flying into the station..although he did get a tad freaked out by all the noise.

I have to add- isn't Jude just the cutest baby you have ever seen? And if you have babies of your own- you have to agree he is the next cutest to your own ;-)

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The Gotbeters said...

How much fun! Thomas would love to take a train somewhere, we may have to add that to our list, car, plane, bus, train!

The LaBouffs said...

Yes, he (Jude) is ONE of the cutest babies I've seen! He seems to be all smiles!

I'll be praying for Auntie Sharon and baby Grace that she'll just come on! It's no fun being pregnant past your due date! Are they planning on inducing now?

Hillary said...

I love Jude's little smile!!! He's adorable! Give him a big kiss from me. :)