Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pots and Pans Band,Grass, and Polar Bear Swims

I have been loving how the boys are interacting lately. Jude is quite a character..the child knows what he wants and when he wants it! He is being very entertained getting into Romies toys and banging on this pot. As you can see in the video he is also finding his voice. He is loving the discovery of food..and has yet to meet a food he doesn't love. Roman is loving school and his new teacher...who teaches the same curriculum we do at home! PTL! Today he had pajama day and he got to bring his flashlight to school so they could read in the dark. When he got home he helped mommy make banana bread and then we went to the pool.Yes, it was cold but he gladly jumped in for a swing. Jude enjoyed playing in the grass for the first time many firsts! These boys teach me so much!


The Gotbeters said...

Wow he is getting so big! Dont you love this stage when they can sit and play!

The Brace Family said...

how do i add you all to our blog favs. trying to do and and can't!!thanks!

Jennie said...

precious boys!!