Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rainy Days and Busy Boys!

Looks like rain!
My Spiderman!
Look at the toofers!

My little handyman

This is right before he freaked out and ran off with the bird still on his arm
No Shame!

We had a busy busy saturday! I probably shouldn't have been running around with a sinus infection but I plan on resting all day today! We spent the night at Andrews parents on Friday after small group. The boys all slept in one room and I slept on the couch because Uncle matt was home! Saturday morning Andrews mom and I went garage saleing and to the mom to mom sale! It was pouring down rain so Andrew and the boys helped his dad with some wood cutting before we headed to Daniel island for (as my friend Brittan so rightly called it) "non park day." We enjoy this festival every is right on the water and they have food, animals, jump castles, face painting, a dog park etc. As you can see we all had a blast despite the rain. The jumpcastles wern't there..but the animals were out between rain storms for the kids. Andrew got stickey fingers, Roman got his face painted and we enjoyed some pirates sword fighting. Please take note of our footwear. We wern't prepared for the rain so I borrowed Ros's old white chunky tennies and Andrew had on navy blue socks and his dads black shoes.I kept telling him he looked like that fish sticks guy in his bright yellow rain coat! Arn't we fabulous? When we got home, we dried off..Ros dyed my hair and we went to church where we saw ba pa , gma kt, auntie Lori and uncle Rich! What a great day!


Jessica said...

i kept thinking your hair looked different last night. i really like it! it looks good on you!

Hillary said...

I love the hair color! It looks like you guys had fun. :)