Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two is so much better than One...

This is what Andrew and I said to each other last night..It is such a blessing to be able to watch these boys learn and laugh together.I love seeing them interact.


  • Boss flew in to hang out with him for a few days ..was so excited
  • Getting ready to have wisdom teeth out tommorow

  • Enjoying the boys so much and laughing at them daily
  • Favorite websites lately are facebook and


  • Says "I Sowwy(sorry)" alot. It sounds like he has a British accent.
  • Loves school and is happy to go
  • Is into dressing by "myself." cosntantly wants to wear his gym shorts and spiderman shoes
  • LOVES baking with me.I think its the fascination with the Kitchen Aid
  • Loves making Jude laugh
  • Took the phone today when Andrew called and scanned it over the cupcakes we were making saying "look daddy!"
  • Tells us he loves us "big much" while stretching out his arms
  • Favorite thing to do is to go into his room and dance around to the "happy song" He even sets up judes blanket and toys for him when he wants to do it.
  • Would live on yogurt, poptarts, banana bread, and chicken nuggets.


  • Jude has figured out how to "run" around in his walker. He will often wait by Romans door when he is sweet.
  • has found his voice and likes to listen to himself.
  • He hasn't got any teeth yet but looks like 4 will be poked through by the end of next week.
  • Has yet to find a food he doesn't love!


The Gotbeters said...

precious! lindsay they are getting so big!!

José A. Noy said...

Jose and I would have to agree. 3 is better than 1. Joseph has been such a blessing we said we can't imagine saying no to any child the Lord wants to bless us with! What a gift and miracle! Being a parent definitely has its rough moments and times but WOW the blessings far out weigh the challenges. Knowing that the Lord is trusting us to raise up the next generation of believers and witnesses is so powerful and motivating for us. This is coming from a mom of a SUPER STRONG WILLED child as well!
Blessings!! Jessica