Thursday, November 6, 2008

"My Toof has an Owie."

Roman fell into Andrews knee with his teeth a few weeks ago. We noticed that his tooth had started to turn black so we called our dentist for an appointment. Let me just say..if you havn't got a GREAT need to go here. They are the friendliest staff and everything in the office is super high tech. Last time I got a cleaning I felt so relaxed I actually started looking forward to my next appt...When else can I chill with no a massage chair..and watch The View ( not the view of Trolley Road but the tv show The View) in the middle of the morning. Roman sat still and let them take "pictures" of his teeth. We are going to leave his tooth and see what happens...through the x-ray we did learn he has an extra tooth which will need to be removed eventually!

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e! said...

Yeah! Dr. Beavers is AWESOME!
(Not a bias opinion at all ) :)