Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my bloggie friends! We had such a blessed and BUSY few days. Is everyone else exhausted and suffering from non-alcohol induced Christmas hangovers? here are the highlights which may explain some pictures:

1. Lindsay enjoyed spending time with her friend Elizabeth from high school
2. Uncle Ross bought Jude a Steelers outfit. Jude later took a liking to an empty beer bottle in a Steelers cozy. Maybe he knew it matched?
3. Uncle Ross chasing tigers in the jungle with Roman
4. So much food and drink and family
5. Christmas at Auntie Sharons..Roman got a real camera from nana
6. Dad (bapa) was very excited about his "pig" i think he bought it for himself...
7.Fun gifts- the boys got discovery and fisher price toys. Andrew got a blue tooth and clemson tickets, Lindsay got a chi straightner, makeup, clothes, jewelery, money,giftcards..woo hooo!!
8. Romans favorite part of Christmas day "transformers- the grey one from uncle ross"
9. Jude loved playing with all the toys- and paper and eating two pakcakes in his pack n play
10. Eating breakfast- OUTSIDE and having to change clothes b/c it was SO HOT!!!
11. Seeing my family and friends so much was wonderful
12. trying Goldshlager for the first!
13. Having a member of Andrews extended extended family tell Andrew he will take me home because he would make cute babies with me..
14. Grandpa Jack dancing and rapping- its now on youtube.
15. Tonight we are heading to Jorossadam...then back to routine..and getting the boys back on schedule and retraining..yay! I love my life!!!

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The Tylers said...

Girl-Stay away from that Goldshlager! :) I used to drink some before class my freshman year in college and it is partially why I won't touch alcohol anymore :) Glad to see you had a super Christmas. Your kids are so super cute!

The LaBouffs said...

Merry Christmas! Love that picture of Roman in the cute!

Ruth Lynn said...

congrats on the baby! I miss you guys and Im so blessed to have been apart of your life:)