Saturday, January 24, 2009

Preggo Progress

Here we go again ,folks! This is so amazing. I am in the midst of sorting out which doctor I want to use and where I want to deliver.Roman and Jude were both delivered at East Cooper by the same doctor- whom I love but I am thinking now having two wee ones it might be better to find a doctor thats closer. This is going into week 7 which brings me to a prayer request. With Jude I was high risk because of some complications that occurred in this week.Please prayer for us when you think of it this week..Everyone has been asking how I have been feeling..if i feel the same etc.

I do feel the same as both my other pregnancies..craving chips, pizza, and gingersnaps..well, not really craving...lets just say i can eat those things without wanting to be sick.

I have already gained 5 pounds which is the only difference i have seen so far..even with Jude I lost 6 pounds the first trimester...maybe this is a Page Princess or maybe I have just been eating too much ;-)

I have been running 5 mile runs and lifting on other days. i can't promote prenatal fitness enough..I feel blessed that I feel well enough to do it!

Also, I feel like I am already showing- is that normal with the third child? so weird.I am barely pregnant.

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The Tylers said...

Alright...I don't have a 3rd child but I have to comment that when you are as tiny as you, you are going to show before us fatties that can hide a 4 lb baby for several months :) You look great! We will be praying for you. Maybe it is a girl :)

The Gotbeters said...

Praying for you girl! lets get together this week, plans? Miss you!!

dusty and tammy said...

I've heard that people start showing earlier after their first child. I gained 6 pounds almost right away, but it was mostly just water and bloat. It has since subsided and I'm just dying to get a little baby belly.

José A. Noy said...

Absolutely possible to be showing early! I swear I was showing at 7wks with #4! You look amazing and have nothing to worry about if you are showing early! From previous experience it dissappears;-)

Matt and Brooke said...

I'll be praying for you too during these next nine months and beyond. Do you have a due date yet?