Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Mickey Safari and a Wildlife Expo

We attended the cutest Mickey safari themed party for Avery ,today. Roman and Jude looked so cute in their safari gear. They had a blast playing and eating loads of goodies. Everything was so cute and animal themed. Jude loved the rain coming down from the for me...I had another episode this week similar to when I was preggers with Jude. Looking into it being aura migraines.. We did the whole ER thing again...and decided not to go through everything I went through before. I am feeling nauseous and tired all the time but am doing well and keeping up which is all I can ask for! Doctors say my body must have a "freak out' moment at this point from the pregnancy hormone surge. Thank you for all your prayers! Then this afternoon we attended the wildlife expo again. Last year I was super preggers with Jude- what goes around comes around, i guess! I loved holding and loving on this red snake..when I was a teenager i was an intern at the zoo and my job was to hold the python around my nek- so this was no biggie!

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Hillary said...

I am so sorry to hear about your episode. I know that must be scary. It sounds like you are feeling better, though. Are you under a lot of stress? Sometimes anxiety can have physical effects like that - feelings of unreality, numbness, tingling, etc. Could be a simple explanation. We'll be praying that you never have that again!

Anyway, I can't believe you held that snake!!!!! I don't think I could do that. The kids are getting so big. We're praying for you!!

The LaBouffs said...

Yikes!! I cannot believe you with that snake! EEeeeek! I dont' even like to LOOK at them much less let them crawl all over me. It sends chills down my spine just thinking about it!

On another note, we're praying for you and the baby. Try to take it easy for a little while. [I say that in vain because I know you...and know how busy you are ;)] Either way, we're praying!

The Tylers said...

Oh...I am so sorry you are having some scary moments again. I am impressed with you being a snake person. I love snakes but honestly, since Africa, I have been a little fearful. I love the pictures of your boys and I bet they are proud to have a brave mom!

The Gotbeters said...

Got your message thanks for that, I was worried about you! Hope you are feeling better soon. Girl, that snake...You are brave! The boys are precious! See you soon!