Monday, March 23, 2009

Preggo Progress 14 weeks

So, I am not showing as much as I expected to be with my third..but thats okay. I am sure it will happen overnight!

Feeling- exhausted! and have headaches.

Craving- nothing really..nothing looks good and am basically living on subway and pizza. I don't even like cereal this time!

Weight Gain- I think I am still at zero but at least I didn't lose this time like I did with Jude.

Finding Out- we are going to find out the sex but we are waiting till sometime in May at my MUSC ultrasound because they have the 4d technology and can be sure.They wern't sure with Jude at first and that really threw me off!
Due Date- They have changed my due date because the ultrasound is measuring 6 days off my period date.This never happened before so now we are at Sep 23rd. My birthday is the 20th!
Heartrate- at the last appointment "its" heart rate was 170.

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Hillary said...

You look great! That pizza and Subway food isn't mistreating you!! Can't wait to find out what you're having (if you are going to share). :)

The Tylers said...

So if I get pregnant with my third, can you promise me that my body will change into yours overnight? :) You look fabulous. Hope you get to feeling better!

The Delaney Family said...

You look GREAT! I can't believe you're already 14 weeks along. I still think it's a girl!!!

dusty and tammy said...

You look great!!
By the way, when I was at the doctor the other day, Dusty and I saw a picture of you with Jude on the doctor's wall. (I'm pretty sure it was Jude and not Roman). We were at Lowcountry OB-GYN--is that where you still go to the doctor?

Jennie said...

so so exciting!!