Friday, May 1, 2009

pools,paddle boats, and a preggo in a bikini..

So i guess i am going to be one of THOSE moms who flaunts her big ole preggo belly. The summer snuck up on me and this morning I found myself at the sprinklers and on the paddle boats with the boys and at the pool this afternoon. I had to choose between my 2 piece or my maternity two piece..which actually is probably the most unflattering material ever stiched. So i decided to flaunt it. Roman took these pics of me and Jude- he is loving learning to use the camera.the blurred one is my fav. So we got all excited to go to the pool and it was closed..after three phone calls to the HOA we headed to the sprinkler park. Roman was dissapointed it so I used it as an opp to tell him that although we can't control other people..we can choose to have a happy heart. After the sprinklers we rented a paddle boat. Jude LOVED his lifejacket and i got a workout paddling them around the lake with Jude on my lap. On the way out the attendant asked if we had seen the 7 foot alligator on the and glad we hadn't! that would have freaked me out!!

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Anonymous said...

Was that at Wannamaker? I totally went on a paddle boat one time with one of my friends...she started screaming and then I saw alligator which was VERY close to us. She went crazy trying to take us in the other direction and we ended up going in circles, lol.

Jennie said...

you look great!