Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Theology of a 4 Year Old....

Roman has really been grasping some biblical truths lately...and wouldn't you know he has been teaching his mom a thing or two! The simplicity of his faith and the matter of factness of his statements are so sweet. At dinner the other day he started saying Jesus died for you moma..and he died for Jude and he died for daddy..and he died for me..because he loves us. He says it so sweetly and so absolutley...thats why Jesus talks about having the heart of a child- they love so absolutley and honestly- no strings attached.

Tonight was a little different. My (lindsay) feelings had been hurt. I had removed myself from the family and had been crying. When I came back Andrew and I did couch time which is where we sit and chat while the boys play on the floor next to us (its part of GKGW..but i digress). Roman obviously sensed something was wrong. After a while I looked up and he looked like he was about to burst into tears(unusual for him). Andrew scooped him up but he said he wanted mommy. He said he was sad b/c I was sad and started crying. We explained to him that mommy and daddy were not sad at each other and that actually daddy was helping mommy feel better. We asked him to remember a time when a friend had dissapointed him or hurt his feelings. He said "yes when ****** pushed me and i hurt my knee...did you hurt your knee,moma???" my heart was so filled with his preciousness! I told him no but it was something like that.We then talked to him about how sometimes people dissapoint you or hurt your heart.and that we can't help that but we can control how we respond to being hurt. I later told Andrew how it would be nice if all our problems were as easy to fix as a skinned knee ;-)

So, i want to hear YOUR stories- what have your kids taught you? What cute theological aspirations have they had? I am in awe at how God uses their innocence to strengthen my faith.

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The Tylers said...

I was hoping to read some sweet stories. We don't have too many stories about this kind of stuff because I really try not to explain anything too complicated that I know he won't understand things really scare him. Jesus on the cross scares him. Anyway, the other day he found a picture of Uncle Randy who passed away when I was in 6th grade. I explained that Uncle Randy was Poppy's brother but now he lives with Jesus in Heaven. He said he wanted to see him so I explained that Uncle Randy died but maybe one day he would see him...he wanted to know how he died...I told him cancer...he said, "you don't have the cansper do you mommy?" I said, No Thomas mommy doesn't have cancer...Uncle Randy is okay now though because Jesus made him all better. So for the past 4 days Thomas has been telling everyone, "Remember Uncle Randy? He had the cansper & now he lives with Jesus." It is amazing how simple it is for them. :)

Angela, DailyMama said...

There are several, but the one I'm remembering right now happened when Caleb was about 18 months old. He was on the other side of a baby gate and I asked him to come to me. He picked up a toy and held it out to me. I said no to the toy and told him again to come. He offered me toy after toy without getting near enough to the baby gate for me to pick him up. Finally, I raised my voice in frustration, "I don't want any of your stuff; I just want YOU!" At that moment, I felt my Father's voice echo those words. It's amazing how He speaks to us through our children!