Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Update

On Wednesday after Judes nap I noticed his feet were swollen and hard and his eyes and face were swollen. Later that night he was transfered from summerville med to Childrens Hospital at MUSC by ambulance(yes, very dramatic, i know). The first 24 hours were focused on getting an iv in him which was near impossible because he was so dehydrated. He nor I slept that night. 4:30 thursday they got the IV in! He has had a number of tests done and so far this is what we know

1) he has an elevated white cell count (an indicator of infection)

2) His body is not absorbing sugars/carbs

3) his spleen/liver is enlarged

4) blood protein is low which may be the cause of swelling

We are just waiting and hoping we can go home Sunday and continue in outpatient if we need to!
Thank you for all your prayers, love, concern.We appreciate it so much!

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The Tylers said...

Thank you for taking time to update your website. Seriously, so many people are worried about Jude & are praying for him.

Katy Hayes said...

Oh I am praying for your little boy and your family! I hope he gets better SOON!

Demi Eliese said...

We are praying for complete healing IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I pray for your strength as well, I had to transfer Alana by ambulance to MUSC where she stayed for 7 days...saying it is hard is an understatement! We love you guys and we know you all will get through this!