Monday, July 13, 2009

Updates..and a baby name

I wanted to give everyone an update on Jude and on the news in Pagehouse. To be honest..can I do that on my blog? ....I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I am exhausted. I don't ever remember feeling this run down. I am not sure if the last 6 weeks have just caught up to me with Judes issues..and him not sleeping through the night...or being 30 some weeks preggers..and anemic.....and I have a stress fracture in my ankle which is just ANNOYING! I asked Andrew if I could go workout tonight . His response made me laugh; " are already about to peel over and die."

This week we have 4 doctors appointments for him and one for me...thats 5 doctors appointments in four days (if you are counting) and we leave for Dallas on Friday for Andrews business convention.Which I am looking forward to- not the preparation or packing for all of us but for Andrew and I to get away and enjoy a real conversation and some time alone...and I am excited about the king sized bed and the amazing free food and catering.

Jude: Since we left MUSC we recieved wo seperate diagnoses. 1) eosonophillic gastroenteritis and 2) eosonophillic esophagitis. The last biopsy also came back showing he is lactose intolerant. We have started the process of having him skin tested to see what foods are causing his symptoms. This process last week failed and we restarted this morning. We should know something by the end of the week. If we don't we will start the next step of testing through bloodwork. phew. All in all, I feel so blessed that he is healthy. Does that sound silly at this point? But he is. He is a happy and healthy 16 month old. Just being at MUSC and seeing all the sick babies. It could be so much worse...we are so blessed. God is our healer and the power of prayer is glorious.

Roman: He is so cute. I was hoping we could get out and make more use of our water park passes and the pool etc but the times we have gone have been so quality. Quality over quanity: right? He loves all the slides and the water. He is also following instructions so well that it makes outings easy. He is such a big helper around the house and with his brother. He loves calling Jude "baby head" and "silly head" and he says when his baby brother gets here that he is going to "cry and be stinky."

Baby Boy: we are pretty set on a name but it will of course, be subject to change when he gets here..


is set to debut mid September although I will start to be checked (for low fluid levels and possible induction in a few weeks)

Titus- means defender of the faith. It is also fitting as both Roman and Jude are new testament books as well.

Reed- is from the verse in Isaiah "a bruised Reed He will not break...."

Before Roman I didn't have a single boy name I was in love with but we feel the Lord has provided us with a name for each of our sons. Both fitting and timely with the season of our lives and with the meaning of what they are called to in their lives. I wont go into too much detail but in biblical times the meaning of a name was everything...and we feel that it is of the utmost importance to name our boys with strong and courageous names so that they can live out their lives and faith for their King. I am so excited to meet baby Ti. Having babies so close together means there is not much preparation which is nice- I feel pretty much ready to go! Although I do want to repaint my kitchedn, do some landscaping, carpet our porch etc...okay..enough for now...hope this was a good bedtime read for someone. xoxoxoxox.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that things are getting better for your family. We will be praying that God continues to work and give the doctor's wisdom. Love.

The Noy Maker said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the name and the meaning! It really is great having them close. You know I didn't even have to pack away Joseph's clothes b/c Moses is in the same season=) It really works out great! Thanks for the update on Jude. We will continue to lift him up! Enjoy your time in TX and get lots of rest=)

Sharon said...

Great blog. So sorry you are so tired. TX will be great for you two. I am excited about Ti and I love both of his names. Bring the boys over any time this week if you need a break or if I can watch Roman while you are at the Dr. with Jude.

Matt and Brooke said...

I love the name! I hope you feel better soon especially in time for your big trip I assume sans-kiddos. I'd love a little babymoon before baby boy gets here. I still can't get over how close our babies are in age... again. So funny! Brooke

The LaBouffs said...

PERFECT name! I love your attitude through all of this with Jude. It is so inspirational. I wish we could see each other while you're in Dallas but you totally deserve to not deal with anything and just veg! Miss you lots, friend!

dusty and tammy said...

I super dooper love the name! Dusty suggested "Jude" the other night for our son's name and I said no way---that's Lindsay's little boy's name (even though we both love it). Dusty is now at the point of pulling the most ridiculously absurd names from the Bible for our little boy: Nebat, Ahijah, Nadab, etc. He said all the good ones are already taken by our friends :)

Kate Taylor said...

Not a great bedtime read, but a great WORK read! (Don't tell MUSC)--
Can't wait to play with Roman and Jude this weekend--
love, Gma-KT

Jessica said...

love you!

Hillary said...

Great name! I love it. Let me know if we can help with anything. I hope you and Andrew have a great time getting away together, too!

Angela, DailyMama said...

Just checking your blog cuz I miss you, Girl! Sorry to hear you're feeling run-down; the third trimester will do that to you. Hey! You've officially been pregnant for over 2 years--you could have had an elephant by now. :) Can't wait to meet Titus Reed. Great name. Have fun in Dallas! Hope to see you soon!

katie said...

Great name...I love it! Can't wait to meet the little guy!!!