Saturday, April 3, 2010

Arise My Love!

With all the religions out there..all the ways of thinking...everything really comes down to one thing....

The Resurection

Its this time of year that Christians celebrate Easter...its alot of bunnies..and candy..and eggs..but really what are we celebrating? what is it all about?

why? because we celebrate Christ being risen from the dead. If it were not for this one moment in time....Christianity would NOT EXIST. and I would probably be practising some new age type of, i ask you...have you considered it?

If the resurection really happened....then Jesus was who he said he was..and the things he said were true..THEN IT CHANGES listen up. ( 1 corinthians 15:13-17)....because if Christ were not raised from the dead then our faith is worthless..

Putting everything else aside.......

Brooke Foss wescott an english scholar says " taking all the evidence together, it is not too much to say that there is no historic incident better or more variously supported than the resurrection of Christ"


To be honest, we must look at the resurection as we would any historical event to determine...did it really happen?? To test historically is to see if the facts reported in the bible are supported by evidence.

First of all you cannot dispute the man Jesus Christ of nazareth. Its a historical FACT that he walked and lived on the earth when he did. The discrepancy comes with 1) was he who he said he was? (the son of God) and 2) did he die and come back to life THREE days later.

i could go into detail about the specifics of Roman crucifixion. It was a very thought out, horeendous way to die. As summary the Romans used spikes 5-7 inches long and nailed them through the wrists this point it would lock the hands so as not to tear the skin..and then fall off the cross...this nail went through the place where the median nerve runs..this is the largest nerve and would have been crushed by the nail being pounded in. As Jesus was lifted onto the cross to hang in a vertical position...he was being lifted into a position of slow suffocation. To take a breath he would have to push up and this would have the nail tear through the foot and lock up against the tarsal bone...this would continue..push up..breathe..come down..until exhaustion would completley take over. And let me remind you that before being put on the cross the Romans would whip and beat the person until their bones were exposed. medical experts that have studied roman crucifixion have said that flesh was shreded..veins were laid bare..bowels and sinews were exposed...many would DIE before this kind of beating....but then they went on to carry a heavy wooden cross and to be crucified...the word EXCRUCIATING Was made for this event becasue there wasnt a word to describe what had to be means literally "out of the cross"

So could he have FAKED his death??

after the soldiers determined Jesus was dead..they used a spear to confirm it. the spear jammed through his side...would have gone through the right lung and into the heart.Johns description of this event STAYS CONSISTANT with modern medicine. ( read more on your own Lee strobel case for christ P.198)

Roman soldiers were experts in killing people...and if they would have let someone down from the cross alive,well, that didnt happen because they would have been killed themselves...and seeing if someone is dead or alive is not rocket science.

So could Jesus have come down from the cross alive: Lets Recap

1) He was in hypovolemic shock from massive bloodloss BEFORE the crucifixion even started

2) you can't fake the inability to breathe for long

3) He had a spear thrust through his lung and his heart

So lets say he was able to FAKE HIS DEATH....survie the beatings, lashings, nails, cruckifixion, spear thrusting, linen wrappings, roll away a huge boulder, and get past the roman guards on tomb duty....then he would walk around after nails being driven through hid feet and a spear in his side...after suffering all of that he would have looked so horrible would not the disciples have wanted to nurse him back to health instead of declaring him the risen christ?
You see, the man, Jesus of Nazareth declared himself to be the son of God. So in fact He either was the son of God or he was a liar or crazy. He also predicted His death and determined He would come back to life. So did He? If He did..then everything else He said during his time on earth would have to be true...which might change your life a little...
So considering the evidence that Jesus most definaltey died... suffering brutal beatings, carrying his cross, nails slammed through his hands and feet, being pulled up on to a cross to have all his ligaments seperated to slowly suffocate while losing blood, and then had a spear thrown through his major organs....What Proof do we have that Jesus came back to life??
I dont have time to go into the evidence that the grave was empty....and even if i did an empty grave doesnt make a resurection.
okay- so i got busy reading and now im think about it and if you want to study further esp for evidence of the resurection check out case for christ by lee strobel or a ready defense by josh mcdowell or anything by Gary Habermas
HE is Risen!!!!!!!
Song of Songs 2
Arise , my darling
my beautiful one and come with me

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