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Thats a question I get alot as I have started to homeschool Roman. (Sometimes its from a bagger at the grocery store asking why hes not "in school?" or a neighbour accosting me as I get my children into the van in the driveway asking " How are you going to get him socialized?") It is so much more common now.I have just as many friends homeschooling as those who dont. It's not an quick answer but I hope you enjoy reading my story from never to now.

Never say Never...humble pie
Andrew and I met and discussed marriage and children, we both agreed we would never homeschool our children. I tried to find the blog I wrote a couple of years ago on why I was not a fan of homeschooling, but couldn't. You may be able to if you search the archives. My reasoning behind not homeschooling was for a few reasons. 1) I felt that most parents I had known tended to make the decision based on FEAR. fear of what their child would learn, be exposed to, fear of being away from them, fear for their safety. I would never want to make a decision based in fear. Perfect love drives out fear.2) I thought that as we were called to be the light of the world(matt 5:14) it didn't make sense and went against everything I thought as an evangelical Christ follower to keep my kids home "behind closed doors." Now I believe so strongly that no 5 year old is ready to peach the gospel or is prepared for their purpose and that we MUST whether we homeschool or not prepare them in their formative years for whatever God has called them to do, so that they can go out and be salt and light. 3) Andrew and I were youth minsters for a time and alot of the kids we saw that were homeschooled were socially akward and that  turned us off. Thank goodness for team sports and so many organizations and good friends to meet up with . This is the least of my worries.

The Decision:
When it was time to start thinking about where Roman would go to school We had always thought of a private christian school.  Through discussion we realized with 3 (plus?) kids and private school tuition that it was for us not going to mesh with our financial goals to get out of debt and live in freedom in that area. That was the first time God pushed me to consider homeschooling. It was the only feasable option since we didnt feel that public school was right for Roman at this age.

Shutting Down and a Love of Learning
As I pursued ideas, curriculums, how the whole deal would work with a toddler and an infant. God just kept confirming it through people and curriculum and supplies and provision. When you step out in faith..GOD provides and guides. I kept on going throughout the summer in the direction I felt that God was leading me in. One day I was reading a book about Charlotte Mason  (For the childrens sake by susan schaeffer macaulay) and God gave me a revelation and clarity as to why I was to home school Roman in this season. If you don't know..Charlotte Mason was a pioneer in Christian education in the early 1900's. Her ideas are amazing and revolutionary. She talks about creating an atmosphere and a love of education. Her thought was that sometimes this can be stifiled in a typical school settting because a child can't fully explore an area before they are shuttled off by a bell or cut off because of other needs in the classroom. Anyway, I digress. There was a portion in the book where she talked about the grading system and how at a young age it can shut down a childs love of learning, motivation, and self esteem when they are compared to someone who is learning "differently" than they are. Maybe they get a C because they are learning slower or learn differently than the method being used in the classroom. It was such a GOD MOMENT for me. Roman is the kind of kid that doesnt like to try anything unless he thinks he can do it perfectly and he shuts down when he feels like he has failed. At this young age I want him to love learning and be free to learn how he learns best and at the pace he can go at. I dont want him to shut down and feel like he isn't good at school (this is what happened to Andrew..another reason for homeschooling) before he has even begun.

On the Stairs....
I remember overhearing someone saying how they were going to be dropping this kid off here and this child off here and have to go home then get the baby up..come back to get in this carpool line and then this one and I just thought....I could be using that time at home with them in this precious season. I once had a precious mentor who told me she looked at her son walking down the stairs packed and heading off to college and she thought..." have I done everything I could, said everything I could, taught him everything I could, and prepared him the best I could...for this moment?" This has truly stuck with me for years in my parenting.  When Roman leaves home I want to know that I used every precious and fleeting moment and every opportunity to prepare him for his God given role in life.

Preach it Roman...
So the younger Lindsay who thought she shouldnt homeschool so that our children could be salt and light had good reasons and intentions. What she didn't consider is that the ages of 5-8 are some of the most impressinable, moldable, and formable years in a childs life. they are learning and constructing at an amazing rate.  When I learned about this age group and the development that takes place in a GFI class it made me consider that I wanted to be the one to lay the foundation in his life, and I can, because I am blessed to be a full time stay at home mom.

Moral Why...

I love the concept in GFI of a morally beautiful child. I want to lay a strong foundation for Roman where he knows and has real experiences with God. I want him to develop a strong understanding of who He is, Gods purpose for him, and the why of Gods standard before he is allowed to fly. Read our family statement here for more. When it comes down to what we know, you can have all the academic knowledge and accolades, and career success, all the things and fun that money can buy...but without Christ you have nothing. I want salvation for my sons and for me, laying a strong foundation, and allowing them more time with us to see God will only help in this.

It will be easier on you.....

I was out the other day and I met a lady and we discussed doing lunch when her kids started school. I told her that I homeschooled . After learning that I lived in the best school district. She told me I should send them because it would be so much easier on me. Easier? why yes, all carpool lanes and first day jitters aside, it probably would be easier. But is that the goal? Is this lifes goal for it to be easy? Maybe yes, if this life is all there is. But I am a lady with an eternal perspective. I could put my kids in school, preschool, moms day out...hit the gym..go to lunch..take a nap la la...and there is nothing wrong with doing those things!and yes, It would be easier! But it is not what I am called to do.(John 16:33)(Mark 8:34) Or what you are called to do. You may not be called to homeschool but you are not called to easy either. The last month has been tough on me. I havn't been in the word as much as I should and I have depended too much on my own strength. I realize I have a standard for my day that is my own and is silly. I am trying to let it go and to know that regardless of how and when things get done. It WILL be okay. But it shouldn't ever get easy :)

SOAPBOX: My Kids Turned out just fine and we did (insert blank)...

thats great. fine is not my standard. and through being "fine" they probably had alot of unneccessary struggles along the way.

A  Few Bonusus

Instead of spending 7? hours a day in class, Roman and I spend about two hours in reading, writing, math, science, and bible study. then he gets to play and be a boy and be outside etc

He has more bonding time with me and his brothers

I get to teach him what he is intrested in and at the pace he can go. If he gets a concept..we move

I see Motherhood as the greatest ministry I could ever be called to and if your a mom, whatever you see best for your own children, I hope you love this minsitry as much as I do.xo.


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