Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Start to October...

 We attended our homeschool support groups fall kickoff. It was so much fun- a big potluck and the boys got their face painted by a highschool student. Jumpcastles, food, and friends and they were some happy boys!
This is Judes favorite puzzle right now. When he puts the last piece in. it makes a train whistle sound. He is really good at doing these kind of things by himself.

I went away last weekend to the Priscilla Shrier Going Beyond Conference.It was so much fun. Jenna, Lisa, Katie, and I shared a hotel room and went out to eat a couple times. I love the tools I learned to use in my bible study...and Priscilla can BRING IT!

Learning about Turtles

A trip to the childrens museum on a friday morning

maybe I can get one of these at home...for time outs..

not sure at what point i thought it would be a good idea to take all three into andolinis to use my groupon for lunch....

Roman is loving soccer and doing really well! He plays soo hard and scored two goals last week. He has made some good friends and loves that his daddy is the coach.

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