Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Royal Affair

If you havn't been living under a rock you will know that Prince William heir to the British throne proposed to long time girlfriend Kate Middleton on a vacay to Kenya last month.  Growing up in England, I am by birthright a Royal watcher. Most little girls begin dressing up as Princessess when they are about two years old, even in this country when the closest you get to Royalty as a little girl are Disney movies and maybe the real thing at a trip to Dinseyworld or Disney on Ice. When I was a little girl I decided to write a letter to Prince Harry asking him to marry me. I completed it with two boxes. check one for yes and one for no. Buckingham Palace replied thanking me for my kind regards and my dad read the letter at my wedding. So it is intriguing that for the first time in 350 years a woman like myself, a commoner, will (most likley) not only become a princess but will be Queen.

The night Princess Diana died my mom came and layed in bed with me and we cried together. We mourned the loss of an icon and an English Rose whom we had come to love, as well as a mother to two young boys.
Looking back on my mothers style of dress during those years I presume she looked to Diana as a fashion muse. Even my mothers engagement ring reminds me of the one Diana and now Kate will wear...a diamond surrounded by sapphires and Dianas; a sapphire surrounded by diamonds.(to be cont,,,)

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Mrs. E said...

thank you for bringing out the 'little girl princess' in each of your 'girl-friends' ... guys probably can't relate, but we gals do .. can hardly wait for the (to be cont...)
Merry Christmas & hugs ...