Saturday, February 5, 2011


Jude and Roman have been working on lapbooks. It is a fun concept to take an idea that they are intrested in and make multiple lessons around it. For insance Roman has been very into tornados. In his lapbook (which is a folder with printable sections pasted inside) he has learned about the states that make up tornado alley, the seasons for tornados, where he lives in relation to tornado alley, tornado vocab words, tornado safety, practise writing the words tornado and bible versus that have to do with fear.
We also made a pet tornado so he can swirl a glass jar and make a tornado anytime and we borrowed lots of books from the library.

Links that I love for these:


The Noy Maker said...

We totally just started making these too! Made one for Germany, started one for valentines day!

The Noy Maker said...

We totally started making these too. We made one for Germany (the country we are in for ECC) and have one in progress for valentines day. Love them!

The Noy Maker said...

This site is great too!