Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sitting on Sullivans Island

Jude is sitting up by himself. He did take a few face plants in the sand but he is a good sport about it all..he just loves the water and Roman loves getting Jude wet and sandy as well as running around with a mean cape..being a super hero. Here we are this morning at Sullivans with Ruth and her new baby (not pictured).


The Gotbeters said...

Oh he is so sweet sitting, his eyes match that outfit perfectly!! Are you sure Ruth just had a baby, she looks great! Still nursing?

The Delaney Family said...

Okay, I would like to join the "I-just-had-a-baby-and-my-body-still-looks-great" club. How much is that membership? :)

The LaBouffs said...

1) I can't believe Jude is already sitting up on his own! He can't be old enough to do that!

2) LOVE your skirt! VERY cute!

3) Ditto about you and your friend Ruth...yall are some hot mamas :) Hopefully, I can join the club soon!