Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday pm

This is from Andrews facebook status (from andrews status) this morning when i was reading to jude he let out a huge burp turned and gave me a big smile. Thats my boy!! He actually had a wet diaper from urine and a solid poo. His swelling has gone away but his belly still is extended some. We are seeing improvements again lets hope he continues to moving in the right direction if they take him off of the iv. Thanks for praying.

The doctors still havn't told us anything . They are still waiting on a few test results to get back and they said the next step was to consult the ped GI again. We havn't seen him today so maybe tommorow? There is definatley alot of time between seeing doctors and knowing anything. Jude was able to come off fluids a while ago and his bowel movements have been better today. The next step seems it would be a endosc/colonosc to get some concrete answers. Thanks again for your prayers..sleep well, friends!

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