Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preggo Progress- 28 Weeks

Signing "please" for the ball.

Jude trying to swipe something from my purse...

I went to my Dr's appointment today and when she said "see you in two weeks" I said, really? already? i think with all of the craziness I have forgotten I am expecting. Many a time when people say "oh you look so cute" or "what are you having?" I kind of look at them with a blank- what are you talking about expression. I passed my glucose test but my iron is low..pretty normal for me in pregnancy- and the fact I have propably neglected a good diet this past month. So back to spinach, raisins, and sunflower seeds in massive quantities. Baby boy is doing well and I am measuring right on.

We stayed in Mount Pleasant over night after church last night. This morning we took the boys to the beach. It was so beautiful- low tide.Lots of tidal pools...a breeze..sparkling water...lots of mini shells. I love looking at my boys standing on the edge of the ocean. It reminds me of what a big God we have...and the vastness of his creation.
We have been working on Roman spelling and writing his name for the last few weeks. He has traced it but has never wanted to try and write it.This morning we asked him to go write it in the sand and to our suprise he did! We were so proud.Also thinking he missed the a and went back to it ;-)

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