Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Roman Update

I realize the blog is a little Jude heavy and I am sure will be Titus heavy as he gets here and starts to grow and change! So I  am excited to do a Roman update today. He is going to be 5 in November.Wow! He had his first dentist appointment today for a a cleaning and a check up. We talked yesterday about how Dr. Beavers was going to make his teeth all sparkly clean and that he would get to sit in a special chair and watch cartoons. When he got done I told him he would get his own new toothbrush and a suprise. He did really well and had no cavaties! Jude did great too just hanging out in the stroller and watching his big brother. The funniest thing was that every time they did something Roman would ask them if it was going to make his teeth turn blue- he was really concerned about this! Where did that come from??

After that we ran errands and Roman put on my hat that I wear when I don't have time or care to fix my hair. He looked so cute! He is really excited about Titus getting here and he understands alot. He talks to titus in my belly. He and Jude play so well together. Roman loves to take Judes hands before meals..fold them..and pray with him. He also loves that Jude gives kisses and wants to snuggle with him.  Roman has become the biggest talker so we are working on his sentances- he says things backwards alot and on his verbal freedoms- he loves to interupt and to ask the same question nine hundred times whether we have answered him or not! He has the sweetest spirit and he just loves his family. We love this boy so much and thank God for giving him to us to raise!

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Mike said...

Awesome update on the "oggy"-man
We love him endlessly too!
BaPa and Gra'ma Katie