Thursday, November 12, 2009

8 Weeks!

Titus will be 8 weeks tomorow!  It has been a fun few weeks since I last posted. We are getting into more of a routine and having alot of fun. Titus is so happy..he has started cooing and smiling..we just love him to pieces! Roman loves to tell us what emotion Titus is experiencing. He will either say "Titus is serious" or " wanna be happy??" you want to smile at me?? its so precious! Jude is starting to feel better with the new medicines his doctors have him on. He is so glad to be off his super restrictive diet!

Andrew and I have started P90x which is a very rigorous workout program. Roman loves to do it with his daddy- he uses the 5 pound dumbells and has a blast.

We are enjoying being a family of 5 and look forward to this holiday season as we teach our boys about being thankful and faith and the birth of our savior.


Jennie said...

PRECIOUS BOYS!!! I just love your pictures! :)

The Gotbeters said...

Such a sweet family you have! I am so glad that Jude is feeling better. I know that is such a weight lifted off of your shoulders. Miss you guys and would love to see you soon!!