Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Spiderman, a Lion, and a Pea...OH MY!

first bath
Has it been 6 weeks already? Feels like Titus has been a part of me forever.I love the little guy to pieces. He has got such a laid back personality. His eyes get really big and he looks around and takes it all in. He also LOVES his paci. He is content sleeping, eating, and sucking on that paci. Most nights he is sleeping from 10- 5:30. We are aiming to stretch that till 7:30 and then we work on pushing back the 10:30 feeding to around 8. The boys have been having a blast with him. Jude is even so gentle with him and as my mom-in-law says he "dotes" on him constantly.

Visit from Auntie Elizabeth

I am feeling pretty good and am somewhat adjusted. I got back in my pre pregnancy jeans last night which felt good...hopefully that will eliminate the hour spent in my closet everytime I have to go out and have "nothing to wear" a rich people problem...says our Pastor :-)

We love this time of year for free fall festivals! This is the first year we have attended and the boys have dressed up. They were too cute last night as spiderman, a lion, and a pea pod. Roman and Jude both loved the baby pigs at our church festival and they both go down the big jumpcastle slide.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Bless you all!

Love Roman in the background!

Precious Pea!