Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Blog....

jude trying out titus's walker

Look at that sweet face!!


Jude put his sea turtle (a b'day gift from bapa and gma kt) in titus' bouncer!!

Roman and Jude after Romans choir concert

new outfits from Nana and GG Page!

My three muskateers!!

Little Titus- eat him!
I am so sorry I have neglected you.I have a million excuses, really. Although I have been cheating with a Mr Face Book. It is just easier to upload pics there and be done. However, I am making a commintment to do better. In lieu of counseling ,I offer an update on Page House.

Titus is smiling, sitting up, and laughing. This little guy is so spoiled. We love him to pieces. He just turned 6 monthes and is so happy and content. He loves nursing and loves a bottle. He is currenlt loving his rainforest jumperoo and just jumps and jumps! He sleeps 12 hour nights (and no we didnt have to let him cry for hours on end ;-).... to achieve this. But more than anything he loves his brothers and his daddy.His face lights up when they come in the room...

Jude is such a little ham. He is so mischevious and always has us laughing..he is just so darn cute..seriously. He has just gotten into Thomas and the wiggles. he turned 2 last saturday and I will post pics from his party in a nother post..Jude loves Roman and they play fairly well together most of the time. Jude and Roman now share a room. I am so excited to see the bond these two have and develop growing up. Jude is learning self control really well and now does blanket time (a GFI principle we practise) for 40 minutes. He is doing well sharing and has started to come when we call him..the first time. yay Jude!!!
Roman has been at home with me since January. I am going to look into formally homechooling him for a little while. Roman is such a sweet and silly spirit. The first thing he wants to do upon waking is go and see Titus. He loves his little brither and will be perfectly happy just playing with him and making him laugh . ROman loves learning and gets sad when we skip a day of school work. He is really smart! He is getting all his letters and numbers and we have started some basic reading skills. Roman does great with our daily routine which for him includes things such as sit time, room time, and free playtime.

I love my job..and i love raising these little boys for HIS glory. It's in the ordinary that God does the extraordinary...and what better task at hand than raising three men who will impact the next three!

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Hilary Surratt said...

Thanks for the updates! You now need to change your blog to 4 boys and a lady! How fun! Still praying for you and everything with Jude! :)