Thursday, March 18, 2010

Turtle Mania!! Judes costume party!

Titus and Bapa

which one is the gift and which one is Jude? ;-)


All tuckered out after the party!..i think he stole someone paci!

this is my fav pic! love it! Titus and his friend, Rachel.

Brycen trying to swipe some food!

cutie pies all dressed up!

Titus and Everleigh. Titus trying to suck on his trunk!

Two bumblebees- only Roman is the transformer version

the pretty table and cake


Our friends bought Jude the sweetest turtle when he was in the hospital last summer. Ever since then he has loved turtles! I decided to do a turtle theme for his 2nd birthday this year! I did a turtle cake, cupcakes, and turtle pops. Even turtle shaped bread. All the kiddos came in costume to the park where friends and family helped provide an awesome lunch. Uncle Ross completed the day with pizza from parkpizzaco! YUM!
For an update on the boys see post below!!

Jude had so much fun..he loved getting into his gifts this year. He got a life size sea turtle from Bapa and Gma Kt and a special blanket with his name and a scripture from nana and pappy! We are so blessed to share our journey with these folks!

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The Gotbeters said...

My family had a wonderful time at the party! Thanks again for the cupcakes, that was so thoughtful! Happy birthday Jude!