Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Butt Buster

Ecc 1:7 All the rivers flow to the sea, but the sea never becomes full.

My scripture today ties into what God was teaching me yesterday!! He is so Good!

Can I get an amen??

I can bust my butt all day picking up and keeping my house clean today and its just going to take one meal or one kid running in after playing to make it "unclean" and to start the cycle again. Its part of the curse. It is part of living in a sinful world.I believe it was John Eldredge who said we slay the dragon and we have to slay it again...and again. (until we reach heaven). It takes a very purposeful spirit to let it go or to say no to certain responsibilities in order to LIVE. I keep telling myself that i dont want my boys to remember a mom who was always sweeping the floor or (facebooking,on the phone, running errands, shopping etc). and it is so HARD. I love this scripture because it reminds me to keep my eyes focused on whats important.The things that wont become "undone" the second i sit down. Like making an eternal difference in peoples lives, like fillling up my boys spiritual and moral "warehouses."

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The Tylers said...

Love it! So very true which is honestly why I don't cook or clean when the kids are up (unless I really have to).