Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Birth of Catherine Glory Page

The friday before Catherines birthday my Ob/GYN had scheduled an ultrasound for the following Friday to determine the levels of my amniotic fluid. With Jude I had to have an emergency induction because my levels were so low. My doc prepared me to "be ready" to go on Friday ..just in case. That thursday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I dropped off dry cleaning and cleaned the van. I packed myself, Andrew and the boys for three days. I filed bills and payed bills. I tied up any loose end I could think of ..just in case.

That night I had a party to attend in Mount Pleasant and because my ultrasound was scheduled for 7:30 in the morning we were going to sleep over at my mother in laws, so she could watch the boys. She also lives 5 minutes from my doctors office and place of delivery at East Cooper.

That evening I joked to Jenna and Andrew that my day would have put any normal person into labor. I was hoping to have the baby on Friday because I felt prepared, but I really wanted to go into labor on my own. Something that had only happened with Roman and never before 40 weeks, which would have been nice also!

That night I woke up at 3:30 because Andrew was in the shower. I lay awake for a little while as he got settled. Around 3:50 I felt a contraction- a painful contraction low enough to be real. I looked at the clock and waited...5 minutes later, another...and five minutes later, another...I started to get excited and told Andrew excitedly." I am having contractions 5 minutes apart.!!" he rolled over and said "okay let me go to sleep."
At that point I was so excited and nervous that this could really be happening that I went downstairs to time them some more.  A little while later Andrews mom came downstairs to check who was up. "I think i am in labor" I told her. She was so excited that she helped me time contrations for a while and then got the pedicure stuff out to paint my nails.

Andrew and I decided to keep my ultrasound appointment because I was sure I was in false labor and didn't want to get sent home from the hospital.  The ultrasound showed that everything looked great with the baby and I was still having really strong contractions that I couldnt walk through or stand up through. It was an hour wait unitil I could see the doc so Andrew and I decided to go to walmart to walk around and get some things for breakfast. We grabbed some donuts and walked around the walmart shopping center until it was time to go back to the office.
At the office my doctor had been held up in surgery so they asked me if I wanted the midwife to check me. When she checked me I was 4-5 cm. As a woman that had reached 40 weeks at 'closed, high and thick" (cervix status) I shrieked in delight! I was going to the hospital to have our baby!!
We checked in and the aides were laughing at how excited we were and how they thought I was there for an induction because they couldnt tell I was in any pain.

We got checked in around 10. Got antibiotics, fluid, and a little while later an epidural. After the epidural I decided to settle in and try and relax. i was 6-7cm at this point. As I lay there listening to pandora (jesus culture) the presence of the holy spirit was thick. I felt completly drunk and at peace.
All of the anxiety over the birth and the sex of the baby dissaperead. Any fear about the baby's health was gone. All of a sudden I felt a ton of pressure. Andrew went to get the nurse who informed me I was complete and "not to push!!" while she got the doctor.

While we prepped and waited, there was such an atmosphere of joy in the room. We were all laughing and joking with the nurses and as I started to push they all took guesses on whether it was a boy or a girl.
As I pushed Catherine out one of the nurses told us that she knew it was a girl because the song on pandora was playing a verse... "glory , glory send your glory." everyone else called boy.
I pushed out her head and then the doc asked"are you ready??" as she pulled her body out slowly. She immediatley flipped her upside down and I got a clear shot.

I thought I was dreaming as I stared at those little baby girl parts. So precious and tiny. My world had just changed...I had a daughter. I had won the lottery of my heart. A desire so deep and sensitive, I had dared not even whisper it to my husband. Even so slightly I had sometimes whispered it to God.

My heart and joy were overwhelmed. I just started screaming and laughing. I mean really laughing. I said over and over as I held her tiny head on my bare chest, " I just can't believe it! I just can't believe it!" " I love you, I love you, I Love you."

Andrew followed her into her first bath after a joyous celebration and plenty of time to love on her. I got up and got in the tub. I filled it up and just sank back in the refreshment and awe of what had just happened. The whole pregnancy from beggining to end had been orchestrated by Catherines maker. From a pregnancy test reading positive early (a first),  to the inclination we were not to find out the sex, to her ultrasound kidney issues, and the changing of her name half way through my pregnancy. His hand had been all over this and her.

I don't think I have come down off the high that is the realization of this sweet baby girl. To know her and love her and to watch her grow. It is different than the way I felt with each of the boys. There is more of a sense of wanting to protect her in every way. There is a vulnerability in my heart that I have to surrender her to the one who loves her most. As easy as it is trust Him with her precious life in this world.

Baby Catherine Glory, Whats is your story? let's make HIStory.


The Tylers said...

This is just beautiful! I teared up several times while reading it. I am so happy you get to experience a little girl & all the girly stuff that goes along with their sweetness. Jamie use to say, "Good gracious you baby her" and my response was, "she is my sweet baby girl & I have to-she's a girl." lol

Mrs. E said...

my heart was soaring with yours in reading through the experience of the 'day Catherine was born' ... thank you once again Lindsay for allowing us to be a part of the joy and the Glory! with love, Anne Marie

The Gotbeters said...

Lindsay, Tommy is laying here with me, when I saw your blog come to the top of my feed, I said, "OH! I hope she blogged about her birth!" Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I have goose bumps all over and tears in my eyes. What a blessing from the Lord. I can not wait to meet her and rejoice with you. Praising God for Catherine Glory.

The Bryant Buzz said...

Teared up reading this story! So sweet!

Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

This made me cry! So beautiful - I'm so glad for you - and it's the perfect time to have a girl - now she'll have three older brothers to take care of her!

Mrs Woo said...

Oh my Love, the biggest heaviest tears are escaping my heart. I love you so, I love Catherine Glory. What incredible & deep joy!
I am celebrating along side you!