Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catherine Glory 1-2 Mos

 8 weeks

 4 weeks

 cousin abigail came to play

In a perfect world I guess I could have done a blog every week or so for our sweet Catherine. But alas, 8 weeks has FLOWN by and here we are..posting 8 weeks worth of pictures.Catherine has brought so much joy to our family.She is the most contented baby I have ever come across- and she is mine!its a novelty if she ever cries! I still can't believe whe has been entrusted to us- a sweet baby girl! We are so in love. She likes to sleep- doing 10-12 hour nights and keeps her regular cycle of eating and napping throughout the day. She started cooing and smiling around 7 weeks and Andrew and I are loving it.At night when the boys are in bed we are often found talking to our little princess and adoring her sweet face and coos.
I honsetly never reaized how much I would love having a daughter, or how much i would love dressing her. I love the over the top bows and the sweet pink clothes.
Catherine is long and skinny. At her 8 week checkup she was almost 24 inches and 9 pounds 14 oz. She is still in all newborn clothes and even fits in one of her preemie outfits still!
Catherine is a great eater. She nurses well but also takes a pumped bottle from her daddy. Her brothers adore her. Titus always is asking where is "Caff-rine Gorr weee??"

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Mrs. E said...

she is so sweet Lindsay and see a lot of her brothers, think especially Jude? but one can tell they are all related. :) So do you think you'll change the title of your blog? Hugs ...