Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Socks and Shots

Well, we have had a jam packed week so far and its only Tuesday! Roman had his four year checkup which comes with a bonus- shots!! At least now he is done until he is 12! He did so well and we used our self- control hands( Thank you, GKGW). He was also the FIRST four year old to ever make it through the hearing test. We along with Romans teachers have been concerned about his reaction to noises. He is VERY sensitive. I think one of his first sentences was "My ears loud, mama" (ie; it hurts my ears). Whenever I get pots out or there is a thunderstorm he cowers like he is in pain. I was so proud of him doing the test.He looked so precious sitting there raising his little hands.( He has to sit and listen for beeps and raise each hand accordingly.) The nurse said he even got the bonuses for selective hearing.Our boy just has super sonic hearing! I am sure God has a plan for that one day! The nurse called him a SQUARE!!! he is 44 inches tall and 44 pounds which puts him at 95 percent on the charts!!! he is my big boy/little eater. We are so proud of him..

As many of you mommy's can relate we are always losing socks in our house. My mother in law even bought the boys packs of new ones the other day because they just disappear. I figured it was the dryer monster until I had to get something from under Judes bed today...It was my little monster..I did know he had a thing for pulling his socks off and sucking on them...but never thought to look! Here he is modeling these PRECIOUS little shoes I got for him this morning..

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