Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week Four..Meeting the Great Granparents!

We took Jude on a little mommy/daddy date to the spca. He loves puppies!

I had a fun girls night out on the town to celebrate  a friend getting married

We spent Sunday with Titus's great grandparents. We visited their church and the boys had a blast running around their property, climbing trees, and riding on the tractor.

Titus had his four week check up. He was 10 pounds 4 oz!

So I am being really bad about posting regularly on here. sorry! I take pictures and then never get to it and then there is a million things to blog about! We are going to work on that!


Matt and Brooke said...

Good job momma! Titus is growing like a weed! Yea!

Ronda said...

Linds, it's ok if you don't post a lot when you have a new baby. Just relax! But I do like reading your blog and looking at your pics. Just feel at ease and know we all understand!